How to use a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help grow your business?

Like a lot of small business owners, we have an emotional attachment to our business, and so we should. Why? Because we have typically built it from the ground up. We have spent many a night burning the midnight oil and don’t trust that if we left the candle in the care of another that they may just burn all our hard work to the ground. We figure why spend money and resources on getting someone else to do the nitty-gritty stuff we already know how to and feel we can do better anyway. It is easier to just keep doing it yourself. How do I know? I’m a business owner too and have felt all these things. In essence, we have created a business “baby” and we are simply not just going to hand it over to a babysitter we barely know!

We know the ins and outs of what our business needs from top to bottom to keep running it exactly the way it is. Great, nothing has to change, and we can keep moving along doing everything in our business, from receptionist, administration, designer, marketer, bookkeeper and the never-ending errand runner to keep the engine roaring in our business. Herein lies a seemingly harmless problem… 

We could keep doing everything in our small business…. But how much time is this currently leaving you to;

- provide clients with your intended product or specialist service
- allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labour
- to network and add growth to your business.

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Just like a child, it takes a village (aka team) to raise a business with a strong foundation. One of the best people to have on your team is someone who has walked in your shoes and just gets it, gets your business and most importantly get in and does the work. Someone not afraid to change the nappy, to keep the business baby healthy and happy.

A virtual assistant is a business owner who has walked the walk and type the talk. We offer a support service to other business owners. This service is provided with support in administration tasks, however most virtual assistants specialise in specific skill areas or industries. It is really important that you find the person with the rights skills and knowledge to support your business needs. In saying that, you may just vibe really well with a VA’s online presence and they will often offer general business support such as email management, powerpoint presentations, databasing, accounts and any such task you might assign to a receptionist, administration officer, graphic designer or web designer.

For example, I am a qualified graphic designer who has worked 13+ years in administrative roles, so I specialise in design and administration support for industries that I have worked in and this is where my knowledge and skill base are strongest. These industries include printers, designers, training organisations, school-based education and real estate. Other VAs may specialise in very specific support such as web design, grant writing or bookkeeping.

You can use one or many VA’s as often or as little as your business requires. You may need to use them for a one-off specific assignment, a large ongoing project or regular weekly administration support. They work for you and themselves at the same time and are often more productive. VA's offer less overheads and can be more team focused than your typical hire. When you find the right fit, we can be a life saver and your own personal business cheerleader and go to support person.

There are many reasons to hire a VA and the biggest one of all being that you simply don't need to do it all yourself. If you are like me, I enjoy learning new skills and more than that I thrive in getting stuff done and seeing my hard work pay off both productively and financially.

As the old adage says, many hands make light work. Pass on the things you enjoy least to someone who enjoys it most and you have will found yourself an unbeatable team and to a place where you enjoy running your business.

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