Print is not dead! it just has to be used effectively!

Contrary to popular belief, print is certainly not dead, it is just being replaced for the "quicker", "easier", “cheaper” online model. In a world of saturated online marketing, the right targeted print media marketing can work wonders for your business. Any business!

So, how does one go about marketing effectively?We have a few quick tips and reminders below to help you out.


Know what print media is.
This is a simple reminder that print marketing is not just limited to magazines and newspapers. Business cards, shop signage, product packaging, trade show banners and brochures all have a very valuable place when directed to the right audience.

Know what your customers are reading (and seeing).
Unlike the days of old, it is no longer wise to print 20,000 brochures, have them posted and hope for the best. In order to have print media be seen and more importantly effective, you need to know your customer and where their eyes land on a regular basis. Putting a printed poster up for garden mulch in a nightclub or posting a mailout to the coast if you have a café in the country just wouldn’t work for your business.

Stay on brand.
There are so many ways to say what you want with print marketing; the key is making sure it all has the same voice. Your brand personality must be front and centre.

Designer label.
It doesn’t matter what your service or product is. Good design is effective. A good designer knows how to design marketing material to reach your client and place it in the space that deems it worth reading for them.

Less is more.
Social media has become so popular because it is a quick 3 second attention grabber. The same should be for print media. Avoid cramming your entire company philosophy onto a postcard sized flyer. Go big and bold and simplified – then direct to your website for more info. If your brand matches your customers ideal world view and current needs, then they will take the bait.

Right time, right place.
It would be unlikely that Halloween candy were advertised at Christmas time and vice versa. Also, unlikely that you’d advertise a nail salon in a car sales magazine. Well you could, however it will most likely get overlooked. Staying abreast of significant holidays and popular publications (as defined by your customer) will help you get your marketing out at the right time and be seen in the right place.


Print media is so effective these days as consumers are internally begging for a break from their screens. The excitement of getting real life mail, in the actual real-life mailbox at the front of your home has returned. The trick is getting wiser about your customers’ needs and smarter about the way you catch their attention so that they know you have the solution.

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