How to get started with outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA)!

In my first blog, I spoke of how and why using a VA in your business can be a really strong investment. Not only does outsourcing free up your time in administration to allow you to focus on effectively growing your business, a VA can do so on your terms without the overheads of a full time or part-time employee. Mostly, as fellow business owners, they just get it!

So how does one actually get started or employ a VA?


Work out what you can pass off to a VA
If you get really down and dirty and honest with yourself, there is usually quite a lot of administration and layout/design tasks that you can successfully pass onto an experienced EA or VA to handle. The first task is to pass on trust. It is acceptable human nature (aka. ego) to feel that we need to or can only do it all ourselves, especially if we created something from the ground up. We don’t and you’ll be thanking yourself if you can jump over just this one small mental hurtle.

To save you time, I have created you a free quick and easy checklist here.

Go to reputable source.
The best and quickest place to start outsourcing is by finding that someone who has done your VA hire research for you. There are a few sites that have directories and have vetted all the great Australian based VAs for you. Why scroll for hours when you can simple log a job request and have the VAs come to you! After researching all the directories, myself, my personal suggestion is;

Finding your right fit.
If you choose to go it alone in your research or get an overwhelming response to the job leads, then I must emphasis you keep it simply and trust your gut. Set a maximum time limit of 30 minutes to search and/or go through applications. Then pick your VA. Simples. If you can’t pick a top one, then pick a top 3 and spend an additional 15 minutes stalking their social media profiles, this should make it clearer.

Book in a free discovery call.
Once you have your top one (or three), book in a quick phone chat as most VAs will offer this for free and a really good one will even have a time scheduling section under the ‘contact us’ section of their website to save you time and an email back and forth. Check out mine herefor how simple it can be;

Get going.
You have been in their online presence and spoken to your new VA on the phone, so the only thing left to do now is book them in and finalise the initial paperwork! (A professional VA will have a contract, even if it is a simple one pager). The great thing about a VA is you can try them out for one project, book an hourly package or for a simple one simple task. Hand over your task/s and be left to feel all those good feels of the weight being lifted form your shoulders.

When you find the VA the fits like a glove in your business, I guarantee you will not look back. You will boast to all your entrepreneurial friends and suggest that get on board the VA train too.


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