Our Story

As an entrepreneur in spirit, lifelong learner, perpetually intrigued creative and an extremely organised logical brain by design, it is no surprise that Little Big Virtual has been given its wings.

After a 16-year career spanning across general administration, real estate, workplace training, design and print, I have developed an extremely strong skill set to do what I do best - support fellow small to medium sized business owners to achieve their business goals.

A go getter attitude, thirst for a challenge and a desire to help is what makes me your biggest cheerleader!



Formally qualified in each industry and position undertaken, it has never been done for just a pay cheque at the end of the week. I take pride and have an extremely high standard in my own work and the work that is produced on behalf of clients (aka business partners). Always at the peak performance level when busy, productive and running each task efficiently.

Although most analytical beings come with a fixed mindset, and tend to only stick to the tried and true method they have always known, I am an extremely well balanced human. I remain flexible and have no fear in trying new things if it is going to work for your needs and in your business structure. Don't have a system or structure in place? Then I will simply work with you until we find one that does work for you.

My graphic and web design services come with a 100% ego free guarantee. I have never simply designed for myself and a portfolio. It is just not my way. I will professionally provide you with an expert opinion and guidance in regard to marketing aspects of the design process as part of my branding agent role. At the end of the day, I have the awareness that I design for the brand and style that reflects you and your business, not mine.


Meet the Team


Megs the Mac

The Hardware

Meet Megs, the backbone of our business. Fast and Reliable.


Kerrie-leigh story

Your Virtual Assistant

Meet KL, the face behind the screen &  creator of Little Big.


Conrad Coffee

The Fuel

This guy. The one to go to when the big problems need solving.



For a list of the services and packages on offer and to obtain a larger scope of what a VA can do for you in your business, you can download the guide here.