Printers & Designers

Do you have overflow design work and need a little help? Have regular clients that need to see steady assured deliverables? Spending more time in day to day administration and not enough in design or sales?


Education & Training

Are you an RTO and need WISENET data entry for student enrolments? Are you a teacher wanting personalised classroom resources? Would you like them designed by a qualified teaching aide and graphic designer?


Real Estate & onsite

Do you need landing pages, property flyers or help with social media advertising? Someone to clean up your data base? A holiday for you onsite letting agents? Someone to simply do the small tasks you don’t enjoy.


What can a virtual assistant do for me?

This is the space where the experts tell me I should sell myself while pointing out what I do better than the competition. And it does work! But I'm not in this business to give you the hard sell, I'm here to save you time and money in your business. Send me an email with what you require, and we can go from there:

On the other hand, if you do want to spend the time to get to know Little Big Virtual in the virtual world before making first contact, I certainly encourage you to do so. You check out the rest of the website for useful information and at anytime you are most welcome to download the free VA services guide below.




For a list of the services and packages on offer and to obtain a larger scope of what a VA can do for you in your business, you can download the guide here.